Chairman of the Church Board of Trustees

Melnik Bishop Gerasim (Alexander) Georgiev Georgiev was born on 2 November 1979 in Sofia. He graduated from the Secondary School of Foreign Languages ​​and Management “Ivan Vazov” in Sofia and the National Academy for Theater and Film Arts Krastyo Sarafov. He speaks fluently German, Russian and English. On 09.12.2009 he was tonsured for a monk and given the name Gerasim at the St. Trinity temple in Divotino. He was ordained in the Hieromonk and in Jeromonasian order by the Znepol Bishop John (now Varna and Veliko Preslav metropolitan bishop). By the decision of the synod he’s sent to a specialization in Moscow. On September 17, 2014, he was ordained into archimandrite dignity by the Bulgarian Patriarch Neophyte and by the decision of the synod on the same day was appointed Chief Secretary of the synod.

By a decision of the synod from 20.05.2016 he was appointed Chairman of the Church Board of Trustees at St. Alexander Nevsky.

By the unanimous decision of the Synod from 14 December 2016 he was appointed bishop of Melnik on 18 December 2016, in St. Alexander Nevsky, continuing his mandates as secretary of the Synod and Chairman of the council of trustees at St. Alexander Nevsky.