The Patriarchal Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevski is the largest Orthodox temple on the entire Balkan Peninsula.

The cornerstone of the St. Alexander Nevski cathedral was laid on February 19, 1882. At the same time, two texts were placed in the temple’s foundations: one was engraved on a metal plate and the other was written on parchment. The historical events of 1877-1878 will be preserved forever in them.

The official sanctification of the temple happened in 1924. Since the temple has three thrones, the illumination seat is on three consecutive days – 12, 13 and 14 September.



By its size and decoration, by its architecture and monumentality the temple St. Alexander Nevsky can compete with the most famous monuments of this type all over the world.

Viewed from the outside, the length of the temple is 72 meters, and the width is 55 meters. Its height is 50.52 meters and the roof bridge is 28 meters above the main vaulted entrance with three doors and a bell tower that ends with a dome. It is supported by three columns, between which there are wide openings and through which you can see the 12 bells.