Chairmen of the Church Board of Trustees at the Patriarchal Cathedral

Chairmen of the Church Board of Trustees at the Patriarchal Cathedral

First chairman after the consecration of the temple in September 1924 was Georgi Staykov, a clergyman native of Chirpan. He was distinguished by being a very good preacher. Father Staikov took over the management of the temple, while at the same time was in charge of the Church Charity Department at the Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.

Second chairman became Archimandrite Boris, subsequently the Nevrokop metropolitan bishop – martyred by the hand of a deposed priest on November 8, 1948. In 2016 a procedure was initiated for the canonization of Bishop Boris.

Third chairman of the Patriarchal Cathedral was academician, Dr. Stefan Tsankov.

The fourth chairman of the Patriarchal Cathedral is the Makariopol Bishop, Dr. Nikolay. Receiver of Father Tsankov. Perfect liturgist, very good tenor voice with impeccable musical literacy and organist.

The fifth predecessor is the Bishop of Provadia , Antony.

His sixth predecessor was His Eminence, former New York Metropolitan bishop Gelazius. He, as Bishop and Chief Secretary of the Synod held this position several times, and finally, as a metropolitan bishop without a department.

The seventh successor is Metropolitan bishop Arsenius of Plovdiv, Bishop and Secretary General of the Synod.

Eighth chairman of the temple is His Reverence archimandrite John, now Glavinitsa bishop.

Ninth chairman for a short time was the current Sliven Metropolitan bishop Yoanikii before his election as Bishop of Sliven.

Tenth chairman was the Trayanopol Bishop Hilarion after his release as abbot of the Bachkovo monastery, later he became a bishop Dorostol.

Eleventh Chairman is the Dagovit Bishop John, after his release as Veliko Tarnovo vicar until his appointment as abbot of the Rila monastery.

Twelfth predecessor was Bishop Cyril, then Metropolitan bishop of Varna and Veliko Tarnovo. During his time serious restoration work began in the temple with a long-term program, which ended in 1996.

The Thirteenth chairman was His Eminence Bishop Nathanel, later Nevrokop Metrpolitan bishop.

The Fourteenth chairman was His Eminence Bishop Neophyte, later Bulgarian Patriarch.

Fifteenth chairman was Velichko Bishop Galaktion , later metropolitan bishop of Stara Zagora.

Sixteenth chairman briefly was Paul, bishop of Levka.

Seventeenth chairman was His Reverence archimandrite Boris, now bishop.

Eighteenth chairman was His Grace Bishop Naum Stobiyski, who to date is Metropolitan bishop of Rousse.

The nineteenth successor is His Eminence, Bishop Tikhon of Tiberia

The twentieth chairman of the Patriarchal Cathedral was archimandrite Dionysius, and after him – the twenty-first chairman was Melnik’s Bishop Gerasim, who also serves as Chief Secretary of Synod.